Tampa Bay Comic Con Recap

IMG_0397I am so happy to say my faith in cons has been restored! After a few MegaDuds, our hometown Tampa Bay Comic Con was a smashing success.  Our printed plush line was received very well, and am very happy to say half of the sales were my original designs! My husband and I really enjoy drawing the designs and then my inking the designs.  Sewing construction is so much faster and the minky material holds really well. Up next are some more originals, some femme fatale and a new line of Doctors. And come on, you can’t beat meeting Elmo at comic con!  Here’s hoping that MegaCon Tampa in the fall is just as successful and perhaps hugging the Tenth Doctor??IMG_0403IMG_0408

Preparing for MegaCon – Our New Plush Line!

It’s just about that time, MegaCon! This is by far our biggest show of the year. We used to do many conventions but realized very quickly we grew quite tired of them and the work involved.  So instead we have slowed down to two big conventions and maybe 2 or 3 local shows. This allowed […]

Summer Convention ReCap

First we will recap the two conventions from the summer. Staying local to Tampa, we vended at Fanboy Expo and Tampa Bay Comic Con.  We knew Fanboy would the risky show. We were there two years ago and had a very poor showing. We skipped a year and decided to come back this year with […]

MegaCon 2015 Recap – aka The Five Nights at Freddy Booth

It’s been a little over a month since MegaCon in Orlando this year, and  I am finally at a point where I can take a breath. MegaCon this year was very odd. A good experience, but odd nonetheless. Let’s see why! We have done very well in the past years attending this show. This was […]