Ault_EFor this course, students create three main projects.  A vehicle, an interior, and an exterior.  The interior and the exterior must relate to each other.  See the corresponding interior here.

I began with the back wall of the interior.  I knew it being an attic, I wanted to capture the same type of space for the outside exterior of the home.  Working from the large, chunky beams in the house I decided to work with the Tudor style house.  Consider the glorified Germany village from Epcot, this is the style I wanted to create. Here are two concept pieces I worked from to create my design.

mainbldg refmainbldg_ref2

I liked the slight arc of the roof, the large beams, and addition to the main structure.  Once I began modeling, I realized from a functionality standpoint, the front door would open into the fireplace.  Not the best idea, so I moved the chimney to the back wall. I added more arcs and bends to the roofs for a more whimsical feel. Creating the shingles was fun, but originally turned out too clean.  I grabbed random pieces and began rotating and transforming them to add age to the house. We try to have our students never create floating 3D models in empty space.  The simple ground cylinder starts as a nice base, but the fence really added to the charm of the building and completes the project.