Twice a year a national magazine comes out that is just filled with plush inspiration.  It has been a goal of mine for years to get into this publication.  I have tried before and was sadly rejected.  But that was in my brand new infancy stage of my business.  This past year has been the strongest year yet for me and on a whim I submitted a piece to the magazine.  I found out in December that I was accepted and today I received my early copy.  Can I just say how amazing this makes me feel as a plush artist!  I love my work, I know my buyers love my work, but to be recognized like this is an honor.  I truly appreciate being selected.


I flipped through the magazine, of course searching for my own page.  I found that I was listed in the Editor’s Note, huge surprise there!  Then I found out I was on page 14 of 144!  I know there are many reasons for page layout decisions from the number of pages an article takes, to color, etc.  But page 14!  Wow.


I flipped through the rest of the book and realized the majority are new artists that haven’t been in the magazine before.  In past issues I see names repeated over and over from other issues and always felt they needed someone new.  This issue looks fantastic! Lots of new artists and some well known plush artists with their amazing work.  I am truly inspired!