Hand Me Down Christmas

Yay for finishing a UFO! For those that do not know, a UFO is an Unfinished Fabric Object.  I have had this project for about two or so years, sitting under my sewing desk.  It comes from before I really got into Modern Quilting.  When I started to quilt, I needed to learn techniques like everyone else. The pineapple block is a classic design, that when I started looked really difficult. I took a class with my mom on how to create the pineapple block, and we had the Creative Grids Pineapple Ruler to make it easier. Now I understand its construction and do not fear it.  My mom made a Hawaiian Quilt with tropical colors. I had tons of leftover Christmas fabric my mom had given me when I first started quilting. And we are talking old, early 2000’s Christmas fabric. The touch of some of those was just awful! I liked the prints, but never knew what to do with them from their old texture. I knew this type of quilt would be perfect, since it breaks the fabric into strips. And this is where I got the idea for the name, the Hand Me Down Christmas quilt.HMD Pineapple Block


My favorite was this half of a fat quarter print I had of tiny little Santa’s, with a glittering Mrs. Claus hidden inside. I decided to use that for the centers. Then I planned to alternate each block with the order of the red and green strips. It’s a very traditional design, that the pattern actually called for another row. Based on the strips and scraps, I knew I wouldn’t have enough to make that. And I really like square quilts better anyways.HMD Back

I am very happy with the back of the quilt! It shows a modern flair for where I am now.  A traditional start on the front of the quilt, and a modern style for the back. And it shows off the really cool pineapple quilt design my mom created. I have never done a ‘block’ quilt design before. That was neat to learn how to use the long arm for that. This will be a great quilt to hang over the stairs at Christmas! And one more UFO off the list. Only 7 left on the list, and four months left to do it. (I know 7 won’t happen, but might get a couple more!)