Normally I do not teach the modeling classes.  However I was given Hard Surface and Organic Modeling this term.  This is the second modeling class for our students in animation and game art. In this class the use 3D Max and are building off the foundation tools they learned in the first class.  We have three projects: A vehicle, an interior, and an exterior. This is the sample I made alongside the students.  attic_concept_interior_by_anastasia_n-d8gdo8x

I found the reference through pinterest, originally from deviantart.  I remember when I went to school at AI Pittsburgh we had a lighting assignment of an attic.  I always thought it was a great assignment and wanted to give it as a potential assignment in a texturing class.  But hence, needed an attic for the students to light.  This reference had enough ‘stuff’ to make it look alive. The angle allowed for some fun perspective in creating depth for the scene.  The concept art had some character to it as well, nothing is in a perfect spot.  And it gave multiple light source options for future students. Once studying the reference for modeling purposes, I realized the artist took ‘liberties’ with perspective and lighting to create their final result.  Nonetheless, it spoke to me.


Ault_Attic_WhiteLightAfter modeling, I always light with white light first.  This sets the values and contrast in your scene without the distraction of color.  After the white light I can easily switch out the white for color and get my finished result.  I wanted to focus on the light coming from the floor opening.  I added a little bounce light by the window, with the idea later when texture a bit of moonlight is shining through. I believe I had 6 lights, and two lighting planes to reach the final result.