monumentOver a year ago I took a class at a local quilt shop taught by my friend Katie. The Lone Star has been on my bucket list as soon as I learned how to quilt. This is a Quiltsmart lone star, so it made it even easier! Before I took the class I saw someone post a great halloween quilt online which is where I was inspired from.  Halloween is so much fun and I didn’t have a quilt for that holiday yet! I went to another local quilt shop, my personal favorite Crafty Threads and bought all the fabric I could need for it.  The back which you don’t see is actually lime green of this silly little sewing witch.creppyhousedraped

The process using the Quiltsmart made it incredibly easy but other projects came up and it became a UFO.  But I had a goal to complete it before Halloween of this year! A little local quilt group at Crafty Threads created a UFO challenge to complete items by the end of the year. I have now completed 2 of my 3, and there is no chance of the 3rd happening.  But I don’t care! I am so happy with this.  I call it “Jack the Seam Ripper” because there was a lot of seam ripping in this guy. When I went to quilt it I knew I wanted to do spider webs on the lone star. I was first free motioning it and did an entire point. Turned out it looked like crap and nothing of spider webs.  So my mom and I found a spider web design that would work and loaded it in.  It was really interesting using her software to draw out the ‘area’ to stitch the design.   We then found a swirly bat design to put in the purple swirls.


Due to the interfacing from the quilt smart I had to stitch out the design slower than I would have liked. In stead of an afternoon it took about 10 hours to complete this. But it’s worth it! I am incredibly happy with it and we had lots of fun taking pictures of it.  I only wish I remembered to take some close up shots of the quilting while we were at the cemetery.

vertical pairing