New for this Spring 2015 quarter, for their final project for the Material and Lighting course I developed a Texture Artist For Hire test. I developed five basic scenes for the students to pick from, each with a reference image.  Again taking the modeling and camera composition out of the student’s hands.  It was up for the student to choose which scene they liked, unwrap it, texture it, and light it within a week.  Each student was able to choose a piece that suited their strengths.  All scenes were asked to incorporate use of value maps. Each scene gave the students flexibility in making it their own design based on the texturing and lighting used.  I am incredibly happy with the results the students achieved this quarter.  This group of students will fair very well in the second texture class.

Matt Bishop

student Matt Bishop


student Angie Molina-Davila

Andres Zambrano

student Andres Zambrano

Tamara Kemp

student Tamara Kemp

Amy Frohlich

student Amy Frohlich