Save the Shirt – Make a Quilt!

Yes, we all love those shirts from high school, concerts, events, baby clothes, or family shirts from those who are important to us.  I will help you save your shirts and save your closet space, by turning them into a TShirt memory quilt!

Instead of the shirt staying folded up in a drawer for years, let’s wrap ourselves in memories!

I will work with you to design the perfect TShirt Memory quilt.  Quilt sizes vary based on the amount of T-Shirts you have and pricing is based on size and layout.  Please email or meet with me to create your memories into a quilt.

Memory quilts can be created in three styles:

  1. Patchwork Blocks
  2. Simple Sashing
  3. Shirt Collage

Also available: Patchwork Memory Pillows.

Please Contact Me for your next Memory Quilt!