It’s just about that time, MegaCon! This is by far our biggest show of the year. We used to do many conventions but realized very quickly we grew quite tired of them and the work involved.  So instead we have slowed down to two big conventions and maybe 2 or 3 local shows. This allowed fr more creative time and not so much feeling of ‘work.’  And for this year we have an entire line up of new dolls!IMG_9709

Making plush toys and quilts take a lot of work. They sell at shows, but finding that magic price that a buyer will spend and is worth the time is difficult.  We have decided to try something new this year, still designing but now printing! We created a list of characters we felt were pretty popular right now, as well as some ideas for original designs. My husband, Jason, drew up the sketches for the super heroes.  I created the designs for the originals. Next I inked and colored everything in Photoshop. Then, instead of having to make 10 of each from scratch, off to the printer! We work with Spoonflower and are very happy with the quality of printing and fabric.  Once the fabric comes in the sewing process is quite simple and so much incredibly faster! Producton time is cut so much. Granted we have more upfront time than before, the actual drawing and coloring.  But we really like that part, it feels so much more handmade since we know we drew them. And it feels less like an assembly line mode when I go to sew them. And less cutting, less thread switching!

This main idea started from Spiderman.  Always a request at shows and a character I have never been comfortable with making. His web just took too much time. But now, so much easier! We ordered some prints of our drawings to sell, a book to show our art and process, and even will have a new display wall. We even collaborated with a few other artists to show their work in plush form  So here is hoping MegaCon attendees approve.  What do you think? Who should we make next?