So I have decided  to enter something crazy and that sounds just like me – Sewvivor! I remember hearing about the last round and knew I was too busy to do it.  This round being quilting I am throwing my needle in! I also thought it would be perfect to do to help keep me blogging more!  And a way to get new followers. And I will always be busy so what’s more sewing?  Also, if accepted the competition starts after Tampa Bay Comic Con, which would be great! So first my quilty entry – my utmost favorite quilt I ever made “See the Light.”


I made this quilt in July 2013 for the new category of Modern Quilting for AQS Des Moines show.  And I was accepted and it was amazing!Ault_SeeTheLight_detail Ault_SeeTheLight_back

I was inspired by the Disney film “Tangled” which was one of my daughter’s favorites.  I wanted to do something besides the common hair and tower image.  I loved the idea of the lanterns, wishing for new dreams and decided to do that!  This was my first original design quilt.  I drew it all out on graph paper (which I swear I still have – just no idea where it is) and calculated my yardage.  Let me tell you I was good on my math, I had under a 1/3 yd left! Which made me nervous if I screwed up – but luckily I didn’t!  This was also my very first try at long arm quilting! I tried to do something in the sorts of McTavishing, playing with the idea of Rapunzel’s long twisty hair.  I added in the suns on the lanterns from my mom’s suggestion since their spaces couldn’t be left blank in the quilting. For the back I wanted to something really simple and ‘modern’ in the artistic sense, I did a single strip of yellow to represent her hair and then continued the color gradation.    “See the Light” didn’t win anything and didn’t get to travel to other shows, but is still my utmost favorite!   Thank you to everyone who clicked on my link and came to see my quilt! I thought about my more recent Oswald the Lucky Rabbit quilt, but thought this showed a better range of my technique.  If you click on the menu bar up top you can see my gallery (fancy word for tumblr) and see it, as well as my other quilts and plush. I hope to make it to the final 16!  For those who are just meeting me (which is probably all of you) – Hi! I am a mom to a sweet little 3 yr old girl.  I teach computer animation at The Art Institute of Tampa.  I get inspired by art and my students everyday! I also just became the President of the Tampa Modern  Quilt Guild! I love to quilt but my work if you have seen it, is most known for plush making.  Up top you can find the link to my instagram, tumblr, facebook, and etsy site.  Please even if I don’t make the final 16, please like my facebook page! **Update 7/14/2014** I found my design graph paper! I was so happy with myself to keep something from the drawing stage all the way to a finished quilt! graphpaper