I will admit as a quilter I have many, many UFOs. And part of the UFOs are yards of fabric saved for making myself clothes. You know, such great prints that would work great as a dress! But then I say not yet, I still need to lose a few pounds. 😉 Don’t want to make a dress too big!

Then there is my little girl.  I will happily make her a dress as soon as I can. When I received the Valentine fabric samples from Springs Creative, I will admit that I was at a loss for a quilt. Great polka dot, but would need so many coordinates to create a quilt with. My little Zoe saw the fabric and asked “Are you making me a dress?”  Well, of course I am! Perfect solution for the fabric.

I decided to create NewLook 6066 pattern for her.  A sweet simple dress, that I could add a little rick rack too.  I made her size, or at least what I thought was her size. It turned out a little too big for this Valentine’s Day. But adorable nonetheless.

It wasn’t until I started laying out the pattern pieces that I realized or at least remembered that amidst the polka dots are sweet little hearts. Instantly this became a directional fabric! But I was lucky enough to have plenty to use.  I did plan on making the little head wrap, but Zoe is all about headbands.  She picked a perfect headband to match instead.

She tried it on again today, to wear to school for Valentine’s Day. But still a little too big. Maybe this summer it will become a sweet dress to wear.