February Swap, Floating Squares

So obviously we received red 10″ squares for February. The typical instant thought is to make a heart quilt.  I decided to create my own interpretation of the Floating Squares from the Improv Handbook for Modern Quilters.  Now, I kept ideals of it in mind. But still my own style.  I used a ruler.  I know, I’m sorry Sherri.  But I need a ruler.  But, I cut at random! I stacked three squares together, and sliced twice!  Then rearranged the pieces.  After sewing pieces together I sliced again, then rearranged again.  From all the reds, I did add in a single 10″ orange square.  I wanted to break up the red, but stick to an analogous color palette.  I only used the fabric from the swap, a single 10″ orange, and then added red to the border.  I needed the border to reach the 36″ size I am trying for all the quilts. Again, to be baby quilts.  I’m not entirely happy with the red, I feel it frames the quilt more in a cased/strict way.  I really like how I did the border for January, but alas I knew I didn’t have enough fabric.  Apparently red is my least go-to fabric, I barely have any of it in my stash. I liked the random cutting and sewing aspect.It was a fun, simple quilt to make in an afternoon.