QuiltThe attack on the nightclub in Orlando was a little too close to home. My family lives in Tampa only an hour or so away, so having such a devastation that close rattled me. I feel fortunate to not have personally known any of the victims, but from teaching at an art college if such an act was to happen here in Tampa, there could have been a chance I might have known someone. Before the Orlando MQG even announced their quilt drive, I had wondered if anyone was going to put something together. For example, the prayer flags for Boston turned into an amazing show of love. I felt this was a just event as well and the next day Orlando MQG spoke up.

As the President for Tampa MQG we already had our July meeting planned. But here was a perfect sewing opportunity to add to it. I love staying and helping with sew days.  As President I feel its important to stay for other members. But this meeting day conflicted with an event at a quilt shop I had to attend. I was able to start the meeting, but felt guilty leaving to go and ‘play’ at a quilt shop.  But as fate would have it, I found in their sale section this stunning rainbow fabric! It was meant to be. I bought the end of the bolt, which only turned out to be less than two yards, but I knew it had a purpose. I was able to cut the fabric that day, sew the blocks the next, and complete the top within a week.


Knowing this was a charity quilt, I was slightly tempted to use some form of Heart computerized edge to edge quilting on the longarm. But I took this as an opportunity to practice my skills and give more attention to the quilt. The quilt will be going to an affected person/family and they deserve awesome quilting. Whirls N’ Swirls posts a new quilt design about every day. A few days ago they posted a fun feather type. I thought this would be great practice on feathers and free motion.  And I was able to add hearts as I traveled from one motif to the next.  I am incredibly happy with how the quilting turned out! I am so proud of my feathers and swirls for this quilt. I hope it will bring comfort to whoever receives it. 

For those interested, I used SoFine 50wt, on Warm and White batting.